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Dear visitor or future visitor of Tinos,
You should know that the island you visit or that you are going to visit has among its particularities one that is defining. It is the place where Sacred embraces Art to produce works of natural beauty and high spirituality at the same time.

Since the area is not offered for theoretical analysis in rough terrain slopes, among the oleanders of the dingles you will find in the pigeon houses the Tinian soul with the rock and marble symbols of a love for eternity and in the country churches the worship of such an eternity.

The lodgings of “Green Dream”(3 keys) even though they are situated in town they are not far from such a landscape. When we built it we wanted to combine an evergreen area of 6 acres with lemon trees, cactuses, oleanders, geranium flowers, pine trees and peanut trees which is close to Agios Fokas beach(300m)— here you can have a swim- and the town centre(300m) plus the countryside where you can find all the above mentioned.

18 modern studios or apartments will allow you to combine the pleasures of a paradise place with the comfort of a high quality stay. Each studio or apartment has its own space where you can sit next to or under a tree.

Ducks, peacocks, canaries, parrots and rabbits will be your companions. In the barbecue area you will be able to create your own particular tastes. The windmill, the pond with lilies and goldfish, the shaded sitting area, the parking area and the playground area will make the life of old and young alike better and prettier.